10/08/2017 – Things I saw and did


This one started with the puppy, and then I kept drawing and writing things down during the day.

The man with the dog I drew in the train, and the cup with two lungo’s and a bit of coconut milk as wel.

The cup I drew at work. Then as I walked home I remembered a slideshow on a German glossy kind of site I looked at with a colleague. When I sat in the train I started drawing it, as well as the drunk/crazy man I passed on the platform.

As nothing interesting happened. I left a blank space, thinking it would serve something I would see or experience while running (as is always the case). And then two cute labradors came running towards me and Ernesto (who cycled along, see the bike. I gave him way too much beard hair).

30/06/2017 – What I ate


On the 30th of June I started documenting the stuff I ate that day. I started with the hot beverages and then my snacks. I started at work, so I had to think back on what I ate for breakfast.

As you can see I marked a coffee as breakfast 1 and an actual breakfast as breakfast 2. Why? I started that day with a morning run. A short one. Coffee is just enough then.



The first rays of sun and I can’t wait for summer!


Drew this earlier in February but never found the opportunity to post it.

Are you gonna ask me out, or what?


are you gonna ask me out or what

Happy Valentines day! Not my kind of holiday. But I expressed my love for my boy friend on my personal IG because lately I can be a little cranky… I can be nice too you know ;).

Do you celebrate Valentines day?

x Denise

May all your dreams come true in 2017

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Got to learn how to write properly in 2017 ;)

Got to learn how to write properly in 2017 😉

WARNING! This post is going to contain a lot of cliches and stuff that people always say about the new year and new goals and ladie dadie da :).