Tonight I’m going to practice yoga as usual. Every lesson we end like this (I guess all the yoga practices).


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Thoughts during yoga class

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My month of unlimited yoga classes has come to an end (well for a while now but I’m late posting this). It’s been a journey of trying new classes, seeing new people and feeling parts of muscles in my body I’ve never felt before… Let’s make a summary!

Feeling that blue Monday vibe since Sunday

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feeling that blue monday vibe all week

I had this pre Monday blues vibe on Sunday. I even didn’t run. Body said no. And sometimes I just give in. I needed a break, my legs felt heavy. I felt my muscles had to adapt to these twice a week yoga sessions and I just fell asleep after lunch. No biggie right?

Now let me smell my… – Yoga

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Today, right at this moment, I just commenced my course ‘Introduction to Yoga’. A two hour course focused on the basics of practicing Yoga, including unlimited classes for the next four weeks. I got this for Christmas because I really need to practice more Yoga for my posture. I have very bad posture (while I’m typing this, I have the laptop on the couch, the right side of my leg and hip on the floor and my head resting on my right arm… yes I’m typing this in a vertical point of view. See.). But, I’m not a total newbie to yoga, to be honest…

Playing around with golden ribbons



Last night I received my last Christmas gifts. They were nicely wrapped and had shiny golden ribbons. You’re never too old to play around and decorate yourself with anything you find pretty.