[Ended] Help me get started > Get a free t-shirt✨


Help me out! I got excited about making t-shirts but I don’t have the resources (yet!). I still have to save some money to get the tools (you know for screen printing 🖌️🎨). If you want a t-shirt or want to help me with this project go check out my Patreon page! You can join the fun, because what’s the point of making shirts if I can’t share them?

How does it work? On Patreon you can support creators so they can continue creating the stuff they and you like. I’ve set up 2 Triers:

✨The Awesome Follower ✨ $1,- for the low key follower who still wants to contribute and follow the screen printing process.

🎁The Goodie Lover🎁 $5,- for the supporters who also want to receive some of the stuff I make (for example stickers, postcards). Also now with a limited time offer! ⬇️

The first Patrons to sign up for the $5,- dollar trier get a t-shirt! Offer ends on the 14th of December at 12:00 pm 🕛 (CET).

I want to help you! ⭐

Want to know more about becoming a Patron? Click here for the FAQ

If you only want to support me for a limited amount of time (let’s say 2 months). Canceling your membership is pretty easy (I can tell from my own experience. It’s nice to support some creators for a while).