November update: portfolio, Patreon and stuff.


Hello stranger (a.k.a. website), it’s been a while. Do you remember me? I draw sometimes and it’s hard to keep up with work and when your mind is busy with other stuff. But hey, I have been creating and I feel like there’s a new spark coming.

So I logged into WordPress and immediately went to update my portfolio with stuff I’ve made in the last year. Go check it out here! I’m going to update more but first I have to scan them in. Also, I update more stuff on Instagram.

Speaking off Instagram. I uploaded some images of me with some photoshopped images of myself. I always wonder how certain drawings would look like on a t-shirt. So today I put on a white t-shirt. Went to a spot in my home where there’s natural light and not too much background noise. Set up the camera. Pressed the self timer and ran to the spot to stretch out the t-shirt and look down. And then the fun began. It turned out pretty cool. I think.

t-shirt designs

I’m thinking of making some of these designs but I don’t have any off the tools yet. I’ve seen a silk-screen printing starter kit that I’d like to have. So I’m saving for it. I’m going to start with the top left one (#chiledesperto) because it’s only one colour t-shirt design and it’s the one I had in mind when the idea was forming in my head. If you’re interested in a t-shirt or would like to help me fund this project… Go to my Patreon! I’ve had some peeps in my DM’s telling me they’d like one.

Become a Patron!

That’s it for now!