2016: I’m still alive!


Whoopsiedaisy! It’s a new year already. First of all happy new year. I know, way too late. But I still want to wish you, if you read this, a happy new year.ย My last post was on December the 3rd. Way too long ago. Strange to say, but I haven’t doodled at all lately. Not even to decorate my notes or any other pieces of paper on my desk at work. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!?ย And if I try (to force myself), it looks rubbish. Continue reading

The cold is getting to me

A quick drawing I made the other day. The temperatures are dropping. Well, finally to be honest. Climate change and shit, but my skin doesn’t like it. It’s dry and is starting to itch. My nose either. It feels fragile and about to break when I go out the door in the morning. So please, send some sun rays โ˜€๏ธ to this place. Just sun. I need vitamin D (the real vitamin… Don’t be thinking that other thing ๐Ÿ˜‘).

x Denise