Hi, my name is Denise. No not Densie. I’m a casual doodling girl presenting my doodles and drawings on my blog Densie Timmert. I mostly illustrate girls in different settings, moods and different vibes.

I love black gel pens that run smoothly over paper. Pitch. Black. Gel. Pens. For sometime I’ve added brush pens to add more colors to my drawings and illustrations and I’m hooked. I also like to experiment with good old coloured pencils.

I’m still exploring the digital side of drawing. Last november (2019) I started an online course in Adobe Illustrator because I’ve always wanted to know how to use this tool.

My goal is to push myself further with my doodles. From doodles to drawings to illustrations. I enjoy creating new stuff on paper or on photoshop and then print them out like post cards, a nice print or stickers. I’m exploring what I can do alongside my day job.

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Want to contact me? > @

Besides drawing I like to fill my spare time with running, yoga, watching films and series, and of course reading/watching/looking up a bunch of crap on the web :).

4 thoughts on “Me

  1. I am just holding my head in my hands, reading all of this in awe….:) I have similar struggles with coloring. I miss yoga. I dream of running with someone but regularly walk fast, instead. And, I’ve been doing plenty of internet research lately.

    I wish someone could set me up with Photoshop so I can get on the band wagon. I’m not the most technologically savvy. But, I did use a similar program previously. I think my program may be obsolete, though, unless I can reinstall the old software on a new computer?…if I still have a disc.

    Nice to meet ya. I wish I could greet you in all of those other languages. Ciao, bella. 😀 Me llamo Writingbolt.


    1. Excuse me for my late response!! Densie is a typo I once made on an order on a Dutch online shop (similar to Amazon). I kept receiving packages with this typo until I found out haha. I liked the typo and my boyfriend kept Densie as a nickname for me ;).


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