Hi, my name is Denise. No not Densie. I’m a casual doodling 27 year old girl presenting my doodles and drawings on a webpage. I love black gel pens that run smoothly over paper. Pitch. Black. Gel. Pens. I’ve never been a fan of coloring. Not even when I was little. But sometimes I go loco with colored pencils or brush pens. Photoshop made it a lot easier :)!

I live in the Netherlands. It’s where I’m born and raised. I have a Dutch vader and a Chilean madre. I speak both Dutch and Spanish, and I like to add texts to my drawings in all the languages that I know. Dutch, Spanish, English and French.



Besides drawing I like to fill my spare time with running, yoga, watching films and series, and of course reading/watching/looking up a bunch of crap on the web :).

4 thoughts on “Me

  1. I am just holding my head in my hands, reading all of this in awe….:) I have similar struggles with coloring. I miss yoga. I dream of running with someone but regularly walk fast, instead. And, I’ve been doing plenty of internet research lately.

    I wish someone could set me up with Photoshop so I can get on the band wagon. I’m not the most technologically savvy. But, I did use a similar program previously. I think my program may be obsolete, though, unless I can reinstall the old software on a new computer?…if I still have a disc.

    Nice to meet ya. I wish I could greet you in all of those other languages. Ciao, bella. 😀 Me llamo Writingbolt.


    1. Excuse me for my late response!! Densie is a typo I once made on an order on a Dutch online shop (similar to Amazon). I kept receiving packages with this typo until I found out haha. I liked the typo and my boyfriend kept Densie as a nickname for me ;).


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