Project t-shirt: printing the design on the t shirts

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Two test t-shirts… and then… let the production for my lovely back uppers begin!

Project t-shirt: transfering the design on to the screen

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Now it’s time for the magic… make the design appear on the screen with the help from sun light (if you’re more professional you’ll have a super cool light to light your designs).

PS I got five offline back-uppers now :). I will be making 5 t-shirts with my print on it.

PS2 did you know you can also just follow my Patreon so you can keep up with my updates? No money involved.

Project T-shirt: coating the print screen

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To actually silk print I have to prepare the screen. I have to coat the screen with a photographic emulsion (on both sides) and let it dry. It takes some preparation. Go see for yourself in this speeded up proces video. + Note to self: don’t chew gum when you’re making a timelapse :’)

PS I got four offline back-uppers now :). I will be making 4 t-shirts with my print on it.

PS2 did you know you can also just follow my Patreon so you can keep up with my updates? No money involved.

Offline back-uppers

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So the campaign came to an end… and no online Patrons. I expected that, because I don’t have a large following on Instagram. Nevertheless I’m going to proceed the project. I’ve got two offline Patrons! The two fans from the early days: my cousins. Receiving my drawings from 1994 until now (haha not joking).

In the next week I’m going to make my first print and I will record the process.

PS did you know you can also just follow my Patreonso you can keep up with my updates? No money involved.

Sketch book tour #01


Hey, I made my first sketch book tour :). Just a flip through in a sketch book I finished the 1st of August. The voice-over isn’t perfect. It changes in volume. I recorded these voice overs on my iPhone. Most are recorded while sitting at my desk, with my phone close to my mouth. And some are recorded while I was sitting relaxed on my bed, with my phone too far away from my mouth. Ugh. But I just keep it this way. Because it’s the first one, and I couldn’t hear my own voice anymore haha.

7 days of doodling on A4 – Day 7 of 7

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DAY 7! Here it is. Finally. Had some troubles finishing the video. iMovie gave me an error while editing, and then the whole project was gone. When I opened iMovies again I got an error every time I wanted to start a new project.

Anyhow, I fixed this problem this morning and that’s why I uploaded it now instead of yesterday.

I was kind of uninspired so I started with a girl who resembled the outfit malfunction I had during my run. (Tight shorts RIDE UP and I forgot that. Had me annoyed my whole run. 11 km.. I stopped at 7,5 km to tuck it down and get my mind of it). And then just went on with drawing flowers… etc.

I hope you liked the video’s. It really was fun to do and made me think of other projects I could do. So stay tuned!

The song is La revolución by CSS!


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Yas, day 6! Decided to use some colours today.
Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge I made for myself. I almost couldn’t keep up, but I fixed it today ;).

The song is ‘Hits me like a rock’ by CSS.

7 days of doodeling on A4 – Day 4 of 7

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DAY 4! One upload too late and I’m falling behind. I drew this one in bed but I was too tired afterwards to edit this video. So tadaaa here it is, two days later!

Good night!

The songs during the time lapse are:

Boa Noite (Handclap mix) by Karol Conka
Mundo Loco by Karol Conka


Doodle, Vlog

DAY 3! Late upload because my disk is full.
Started doodling in the morning and finished in the evening. Today I had some Beatles songs in my head.

Doodeling on A4 paper – Day 2 of 7


Challenging myself to fill an A4 sheet of paper with doodles everyday this week.


DAY 2! Kinda uninspired but I wanted to stick to the challenge I made for myself. Decided to use some colors. Maybe I stick to this childish kind of doodles because of the 4 colors? Who knows?

The song during the time lapse is:
Mundo Loco by Karol Conka

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