Project t-shirt: printing the design on the t shirts

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Two test t-shirts… and then… let the production for my lovely back uppers begin!

Project t-shirt: transfering the design on to the screen

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Now it’s time for the magic… make the design appear on the screen with the help from sun light (if you’re more professional you’ll have a super cool light to light your designs).

PS I got five offline back-uppers now :). I will be making 5 t-shirts with my print on it.

PS2 did you know you can also just follow my Patreon so you can keep up with my updates? No money involved.

Project T-shirt: coating the print screen

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To actually silk print I have to prepare the screen. I have to coat the screen with a photographic emulsion (on both sides) and let it dry. It takes some preparation. Go see for yourself in this speeded up proces video. + Note to self: don’t chew gum when you’re making a timelapse :’)

PS I got four offline back-uppers now :). I will be making 4 t-shirts with my print on it.

PS2 did you know you can also just follow my Patreon so you can keep up with my updates? No money involved.

Offline back-uppers

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So the campaign came to an end… and no online Patrons. I expected that, because I don’t have a large following on Instagram. Nevertheless I’m going to proceed the project. I’ve got two offline Patrons! The two fans from the early days: my cousins. Receiving my drawings from 1994 until now (haha not joking).

In the next week I’m going to make my first print and I will record the process.

PS did you know you can also just follow my Patreonso you can keep up with my updates? No money involved.

[Ended] Help me get started > Get a free t-shirt✨


Help me out! I got excited about making t-shirts but I don’t have the resources (yet!). I still have to save some money to get the tools (you know for screen printing 🖌️🎨). If you want a t-shirt or want to help me with this project go check out my Patreon page! You can join the fun, because what’s the point of making shirts if I can’t share them?

How does it work? On Patreon you can support creators so they can continue creating the stuff they and you like. I’ve set up 2 Triers:

✨The Awesome Follower ✨ $1,- for the low key follower who still wants to contribute and follow the screen printing process.

🎁The Goodie Lover🎁 $5,- for the supporters who also want to receive some of the stuff I make (for example stickers, postcards). Also now with a limited time offer! ⬇️

The first Patrons to sign up for the $5,- dollar trier get a t-shirt! Offer ends on the 14th of December at 12:00 pm 🕛 (CET).

I want to help you! ⭐

Want to know more about becoming a Patron? Click here for the FAQ

If you only want to support me for a limited amount of time (let’s say 2 months). Canceling your membership is pretty easy (I can tell from my own experience. It’s nice to support some creators for a while).

November update: portfolio, Patreon and stuff.


Hello stranger (a.k.a. website), it’s been a while. Do you remember me? I draw sometimes and it’s hard to keep up with work and when your mind is busy with other stuff. But hey, I have been creating and I feel like there’s a new spark coming.

So I logged into WordPress and immediately went to update my portfolio with stuff I’ve made in the last year. Go check it out here! I’m going to update more but first I have to scan them in. Also, I update more stuff on Instagram.

Speaking off Instagram. I uploaded some images of me with some photoshopped images of myself. I always wonder how certain drawings would look like on a t-shirt. So today I put on a white t-shirt. Went to a spot in my home where there’s natural light and not too much background noise. Set up the camera. Pressed the self timer and ran to the spot to stretch out the t-shirt and look down. And then the fun began. It turned out pretty cool. I think.

t-shirt designs

I’m thinking of making some of these designs but I don’t have any off the tools yet. I’ve seen a silk-screen printing starter kit that I’d like to have. So I’m saving for it. I’m going to start with the top left one (#chiledesperto) because it’s only one colour t-shirt design and it’s the one I had in mind when the idea was forming in my head. If you’re interested in a t-shirt or would like to help me fund this project… Go to my Patreon! I’ve had some peeps in my DM’s telling me they’d like one.

Become a Patron!

That’s it for now!

May all your dreams come true in 2017

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Got to learn how to write properly in 2017 ;)

Got to learn how to write properly in 2017 😉

WARNING! This post is going to contain a lot of cliches and stuff that people always say about the new year and new goals and ladie dadie da :).

Summer mood

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Remember the Ecoline Brush pen’s I got for my birthday? Well I’m liking them a lot. Still have to buy some colours myself but I still manage with the five pen’s I got. I love how smooth and dark the lines from the black pen are. Makes me want to draw girls with pitch black hair and dark sunglasses. Like this one.


I used guache for the skin colour of the girl. If I use the yellow pen the girls look like Simpson characters, haha! Thinking of mixing the brushes up with pencils as well. Time to experiment :)!