2016: I’m still alive!



Whoopsiedaisy! It’s a new year already. First of all happy new year. I know, way too late. But I still want to wish you, if you read this, a happy new year. My last post was on December the 3rd. Way too long ago. Strange to say, but I haven’t doodled at all lately. Not even to decorate my notes or any other pieces of paper on my desk at work. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!? And if I try (to force myself), it looks rubbish.

I’m trying to get back to it. Bought a cute new notebook on sale at Sissy Boy while I had to wait 15 minutes for my train at Amsterdam Central Station. I hate to stand there and wait on the platform and since they made a little shopping hall in the train station with cute stores I HAD TO LOOK (and touch and sniff stuff) in the fancy stores.

Eyeing all the cute bottoms at Victoria’s Secret, but buying none. I mean I have so many already in my drawer. They were cute though. Had to resist them. Then at Lush I smelled all the soaps, scrubs and other cosmetics they had. And at Sissy Boy I looked at all the clothes on sale with a critic eye. Saw some nice stuff, but being responsible I haven’t bought a thing.

But not the cute notebook. That one I could have. A little gift to myself. Also a little encouragement to myself: DRAWWW DRAWW DRAWWW!


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