Doodle, Running

On the 18th of October I’ll be running my first half marathon! So, as I’m training for it, I’m running larger distances. These runs come with a new friend called Runger…

I’ve experienced it a few times. After run HUNGER. It’s like having a hole in your stomach. As if you could eat all you want.

During one of these I ate half of a sugary kind of bread (Kwarkbol) during the entire day. Bits and pieces between meals. And some nuts. And some chips. I couldn’t stop eating.

How to prevent this? Eating a propper snack and a propper meal.

That time I made the huge mistake of just eating a hand of nuts. I took a shower and went straight to bed for an after run nap: waking up hungry at lunch time.

Cravings, cravings, cravings. And I hadn’t done groceries yet. I couldn’t make a propper snack or meal.

This is my prevention plan:

  • Eat yoghurt after a run or a banana
  • Lunch with items that fill you up and with enough fibers like cheese, avocados, spinach, any fruit, whole grain bread, eggs or legumes (chick peas, beans, lentils…)
  • Drink enough water
  • No sweets or salty snacks!
  • A piece of dark chocolate is good…

Let’s hope it will help me beat runger after my long distance run (18 km!) this sunday.

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