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Video games. I don’t have the patience to finish a game like a RPG or any other platform game with quests and so on. First person shooters aren’t my thing as well. Yes I like to play race games (if it’s easy to steer and if you’re aloud to crash other cars) or if it’s a fighting game (but I get angry and yell if you beat up my character). But there’s this one game that I proudly can say: I played it. I finished it. I beat the final boss. Kingdom Hearts.

 Sora - Kingdom Hearts
I loved this game! Final Fantasy characters combined with Disney characters! Hello! It is also soooo beautifully made and cute! I first wathed my brother play it, then my boy friend. I couldn’t miss out. It also gave me some advantage because I’ve seen them fighting the bosses and finish the quests. I was an active watcher helping them, haha and listening to them trying to get through.

So around the anouncement of Kingdom Hearts 2 I drew Sora. I remember I took some time making this one. First with pencil, then with a black inkpen. Let it dry. Erase all the pencillines. Coloring and trying to shade his clothing.

This was then years ago. And my mother put it up in the restroom downstairs. And it still hangs there after ten years. Haha!

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