It’s magic~*


Two weeks ago I stumbled upon an amazing app. I was thinking: ‘wouldn’t it be awesome if I had some photoshop-like app that would help me upload and edit my drawings?’ Something like the one from WordPress that makes blogging easy. 

I typed in Adobe in the Appstore… I couldn’t believe the description of Adobe Shape CC and the images it acompanied.

You take a picture of something you draw and the app traces your lines. You can adjust it in the next screen. And then your drawing appears on your screen black on white. Like magic. 


The first doodle I tried the app on!

Now you can imagine: I couldn’t stop uploading random drawings! It’s convinient for me as I don’t own a scanner. All the drawings on this blog that were first drawn on paper are based on photos I took. I tweaked the color balance and other things to get it more black and white and then colored them or I tried to trace the drawing in a new layer.

This app is magic to me!

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