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Running – Summer essentials

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I enjoy summer runs! Less layers, summer tan, shorts (my all time favorite piece of clothing for sports and casual), and the nice shower afterwards is an extra bonus! Maybe you’ve figured out how to dress for the hot temperatures or maybe not. Here are a few tips!

Sweat proof

Loose light weight clothes are key. The better if they’re made from sweat wicking materials. Cotton shirts will be leaving you soaking wet after 5 minutes and will be uncomfortably sticky to your body. Yuck. Wear tank tops or even only a sports bra (if you’re confident).

The same for the shorts: no cotton. Loose shorts are the best in my opinion (feel the breezeeee)… But the tight ones are also nice if you’re wearing a loose top. Very fashion minded.

Essentials for running in the summer

Take care of your skin

All those uncovered body parts need protection. In the first place for the sun. As a (long distance) runner you’re over exposed to the sun. Try not to run in the middle of the day when the sun is at it highest point. That’s in between 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. These are the hottest hours of the day.

Even if you run before or after these hours it’s recommendable to protect your head and skin from the sun. Wear a cap to protect your head and face from the sun. You don’t want heat illness. And use sunscreen. Especially on your face and shoulders. There are brands that make sun screen for outdoor sports. These are sweat proof (at least they say so) and wont melt that easily off your body.

Talking about sweat… Sweat brings us to a nasty thing that happens when body parts are moist and rub against each other: chaffing. Irritable skin, small wounds, even blisters. It can happen on the most uncomfortable places: your lovely hugging thighs, loose skin from your upper arms against your body/armpits, rubbing butt cheeks (heard of it), a rubbing bra-band under your boobs and many more places. Solution: a nice layer of vaseline on the rubbing body parts.

Something else caused by a fast rubbing motion are blisters. They appear mostly on your feet. Vaseline comes again to the rescue! You can also use a special anti-blister stick. Smear it on the areas where the blisters frequently appear. Already have blisters? Put a blister patch on it and you’re ready to go. Anti-blister socks are also very nice to prevent blisters.

Don’t get thirsty

Another thing that happens when you’re active on hot days is dehydration. Drink enough water or other liquids before your run, some sips during your run (if you’re running more than 30-60 minutes in my opinion), and after. You’re sweating it all out and need to replenish on time. If you’re feeling thirsty on your run you didn’t drink enough.

That’s it. Now GO! Put on your nicest summer running outfit, drink, drink, drink and get a nice runners tan.

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