The mood: doodles and summer vibes

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I haven’t posted in a while. But that doesn’t mean I stopped doodeling! I can’t help it to scrible on every piece of paper, or any blanc spot. My desk is filled with post-its and documents decorated with whatever comes to mind.

Today I put an A4 sized paper on my desk. Inbetween me and the keyboard of my computer to doodle, scrible, write and scratch whatever I want. Like an adult version of a colouring placemat they have for kids in restaurants.

This weeks’ mood (and the past week) is pretty obvious with these summer temperatures in Holland (ok not today but a lil’ break from the heat is just fine). Beachbeachbeach!

doodle beach

PS I posted this with the WordPress-app because I’m too impatient to sit at my laptop and transfer the image from my phone to the laptop. I even edited the picture on my phone. Mobile life bitches.

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