Thoughts during yoga class

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My month of unlimited yoga classes has come to an end (well for a while now but I’m late posting this). It’s been a journey of trying new classes, seeing new people and feeling parts of muscles in my body I’ve never felt before… Let’s make a summary!

I’m doing yoga for my posture, flexibility and strength. Not so much for the spiritual part. I’m quite enjoying it as a non-spiritual person. I try to be open for it, but saying “OM” together at the end of the lesson makes me giggle from the inside, like a teenage girl who thinks everything is funny. I do participate with a straight face though. I listen to the instructions the teacher gives while you’re laying there with your eyes closed and do as they say: “Let loose of everything, clear your mind” etcetera.

It’s relaxing though. After all, the movements and poses always bring some sort of relief and new energy into my body. Plus it doesn’t hurt to clear your mind. While doing the poses or flows I also try to not to focus on other people in the room or wander of in my thoughts. But sometimes you can’t help it. Here are some of the thoughts I’ve collected…

  • “Shit, she said exhale, I’m inhaling now… How do you breathe?”
  • “Hold it… hold it…. No, I have to hold the pose.”
  • “There is a massive muscle trembling…”
  • “Why is breathing so difficult?”
  • “Au, Au, too much stretch… I didn’t even know you could feel pain there.”
  • “I thought this was a calm and easy lesson…”
  • “My body works… even when it’s supposed to be a relaxed pose… Is my posture that bad?”
  • “Haha, I’m looking straight at someones butt… O wait… someones behind me as well…”
  • “Why did I put so many garlic and onions in my dish…?”
  • “Wow, I can’t handle how relaxed I feel… Who knew having your legs straight up in the air could feel that good.”

I also fell one time haha. Luckily the room and I could laugh about it ;).

Namaste bitches.


Drawn with pencil and colored digital

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