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If you’re an all year runner like me you must be really happy it’s almost spring. The weather is getting better each and every day! Also if you’re recently picking up on your running activities because of the better forecasts, a good weather runner as they call it, good for you! You’re getting active again. Can’t blame you, I certainly had to struggle more than a few times during those cold days to get my (freezing) butt moving. A blanket and some hot coco or tea seemed more appealing many times… but those treats felt better as a reward after a soaky run in the rain, a chilly run or after a run where the wind just blew you away. Feelin’ bad ass.

Anyhow, as the temperatures are rising… you’re probably wondering what to wear?

It’s slowly getting warmer, but don’t get too exited. Especially if you live in a country like the Netherlands. It can be a rainy season (yay, if you have hay fever like me… after a rain shower the air is clean of pollen), it can be surprisingly hot on some days or still feel like a winters day. Get prepared, keep an eye on the weather forecast. Starting from 10 °C and above you can wear shorts or 3/4 tights. Whatever you feel comfortable in. Maybe your milky white legs aren’t ready for a debute in shorts… and you want to wait for a warmer opportunity with a 100% chance of tanning.

Spring essentials running


As for tops, a shirt or tank top with a light weight jacket is fine. With the jacket you’ll be prepared for any surprises spring brings. And if it’s too hot, take it off and wear it around your waist or across your chest (i.e. left shoulder to right underarm). If it’s much warmer you can layer tank tops with a looser fitting shirt or tank top. Your arms are free but you wont feel undressed for the weather type.

Last but not least: hair elastics and headbands to keep your hair out of your face and neck while sweating. No sticky hairs!

Do you run all year round or do you pick up running when the weather is more enjoyable?

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2 thoughts on “Running – Spring essentials

  1. Great post!

    Anything under 37 degrees will keep me inside and on the treadmill. Yesterday was a good day (46 degrees), and it felt great to be outside. Hopefully, the sub-freezing temps are behind us.

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    1. Thank you :). It does feel great to be outside! But also great you could use a treadmill at your local YMCA (I’ve read your post) to train inside during the winter.
      Happy runnings x

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