Feeling that blue Monday vibe since Sunday

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feeling that blue monday vibe all week

I had this pre Monday blues vibe on Sunday. I even didn’t run. Body said no. And sometimes I just give in. I needed a break, my legs felt heavy. I felt my muscles had to adapt to these twice a week yoga sessions and I just fell asleep after lunch. No biggie right?

Last tuesday I ran as always and it felt great, like I had to release a lot of energy. Sometimes skipping a run makes the next one even better :). Adrenaline rush! I ran before dinner, ate dinner and 2 hours after I went to my yoga class. Intensive catch up day but it felt good.

Today I felt I had used a lot of back muscles during the yoga practice. It makes me a bit cranky when I sit at a desk the whole day. At least I’m working on my posture!

Also, MEHNNN I’m longing for spring and summer (ironic… my Spotify playlist just plays Summertime). I’m calling it end of January blues ;).

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