Chao 2014, see you tomorrow 2015


Good morning!

It’s the last day of 2014. Time flies by so fast! If I look back now I think 2014 was a year full of new experiences, sharing good times with friends and many sun hours. Sun, always a good thing.

I kicked 2014 off with an internship at a running magazine/website which I enjoyed very much. I competed in my first running event in January with a friend and I ran many more! All around 10k but the last one of this year (September) was 16k!

My boyfriend, friend and I also went on a lot of little half day road trips to run outside of our comfort zone: the dunes, the beach, woods, everything in a drivable range.

We also got our own home. We’ve lived anti-squad a few years ago, lived with our parents again, rented someone else’s place while he was away, and after living together in my old bedroom at my parents house for a few months. So it felt and still feels pretty damn good to have our own place. We’ve already spent many good times in this house together, with family and friends.

Also this year has felt like the sunniest ever. Weird, because I’ve only been in Holland. Maybe I tried too hard, haha. It was just me trying to enjoy every little ray of sun. I ran as much as I could in the sun, I sunbathed a lot on the beach, cycled a lot to Amsterdam or halfway to the beach (to catch a train for the other half), yoga in the park and beach walks. O dear, I’m looking forward to the summer of 2015.

You know, it’s in the little things, and I hope to continue this vibe in the new year to come!

In 2015…

  • I want to run a half marathon! Or at least get to 21,1 k in my weekend runs ;)…
  • I need to read books, comics, whatever, or else I’ll become illiterate, or am I? How could I write this!? But seriously, I have to read for the brain’s sake.
  • I want to visit museums! It’s been a long time…
  • I want to see more documentaries than I do now.
  • I want to go on a trip. Even if it’s a small one!
  • Again, I’m going as much as I can to the beach. Maybe I was a mermaid once.

Are you ready for 2015? Do you have new year’s resolutions, plans, or lifestyle changes for 2015?

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