Playing around with golden ribbons



Last night I received my last Christmas gifts. They were nicely wrapped and had shiny golden ribbons. You’re never too old to play around and decorate yourself with anything you find pretty.

This Christmas is great :). I spent Christmas Eve with friends, cooking, eating, chatting and chillin’. The 25th with family, and today with my boyfriend. We’re going for a run, cook dinner together and watch Star Wars (I don’t know if we’ll make it to watch all six haha).

As for the gifts I’m happy too! I received money from my parents and I bought a one month unlimited yoga membership at a yoga center nearby. I also got new clothes, shower gels, a nail kit, and a rack for shoes. Haha.

I’m exited for the yoga classes. I start in January with a two hour introduction class. I’ve done yoga before with a friend. A more laughable and talking kind haha. Let’s see how I can keep up with the real deal!

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